New Zealand is a favourite tourist destination for many travellers the world over. The country is renowned for its exotic culture, soothing water bodies, serene landscapes, and beautiful mountains. With so many scenes to see and places to visit, you will need a secure and comfortable place to visit. One of the most convenient and affordable places you can stay in New Zealand is a hostel. Here are some of the best you can chill in, while in town.

Haka Lounge

One of the most popular hostels is the Haka Lounge Auckland, situated right in the Central Business District. The hostel is highly rated for its ambience and excellent customer service. You can catch up with work or chat up some friends via the free Wi-Fi provided. The hostel is located conveniently so you can dine out in the restaurants nearby or tour the area. Alternatively, you can stay in the hostel and prepare your own meals at the shared kitchen area.

Funky Green Voyager

The Funky Green Voyager is an eco-friendly place located in Rotorua, New Zealand. With the lush gardens they have, you can bask in the sun in summer or keep warm with the firewood. They have secluded rooms for friends or families. Some of their rooms are en-suite ideal, especially for couples to enjoy an intimate time. You can also make your own meals or grill some meat in the hostel’s kitchen. The hostel also facilitates rafting and mountain biking.

The Marion

If you are in Wellington, you can stay at the Marion, a recently opened hostel. It is located conveniently in the middle of the city, close to Courtenay Place and Cuba Street. You can stay connected to the rest of the world since the hostel has Wi-Fi. The rooftop terrace also offers a great view and place to lounge during the day. The hostel’s hotel has plenty of outdoor areas too, where you can have social events.


Absoloot Value Accommodation (AVA) is a highly ranked hostel in New Zealand. AVA is located in the beautiful Queenstown. This is a great place that has been created with backpackers in mind. The AVA has four to six-bed dorms which can accommodate up to 82 backpackers. The hostel provides the ideal space for backpackers to have a camping experience. The rooms are fitted with electronic power points to recharge your gadgets and even reading lights for book lovers. The hostel also has a lounge that operates 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about being bored in the dorms. For your entertainment, the lounge room has Nintendo, Xbox 360 and a huge screen TV to watch your favourite TV shows or games. You can also enjoy your personal entertainment in the rooms which are fitted with LCD TVs.