Are you and your friends backpacking across the continent? Are you and your family travelling in New Zealand for vacation? Whether you are just visiting or passing by, Airbnb accommodation is a great way to save money as well as enjoy comfort. The beauty of Airbnb is you can live in a home away from home. Also, it will cost less than a fancy room in a hotel. You simply need to sign in and book a room or apartment in the location of your preference. Here are some comfortable Airbnb rooms you can stay in while in New Zealand.

Romantic Bush Chalet

Located in Titirangi, a few kilometres from Auckland, The Romantic Bush Chalet is a great serene room to stay while in the city. Literally set in the bush, this is an ideal place for those who want privacy away from the city noise. For outdoor adventure, you can take a hike or stroll through the Waitere Ranges nearby. Or you can simply chill or swim in the West Coast Beaches which are close by.

Lower Hutt

If you are in Wellington, you can book the Lower Hutt Tree House. This house is located right above Wellington. It is just the perfect spot to enjoy the breeze and oceans of the beach. As the name suggests, the tree house is friendly and accommodates all ages ranging from adult groups to families. On the deck, you can enjoy the relaxing view of the harbour or socialize over a barbecue. The house also has natural scenery which is quite breathtaking.

Sunny Cottage

In Queenstown, you will find the modern Sunny Cottage. Unlike the typical cottage, this is a home retouched to give the ultimate holiday experience. It has a simple design but well-structured for your comfort. It is conveniently located in Kelvin Heights Peninsula which is very close to the beach. It is also well placed in proximity to bars, spas, and eateries nearby. The deck is, however, a relaxing area to chill. It is a perfect way to enjoy the soothing scenes of Lake Wakatipu and the mountainous landscape. The cottage also has a huge living room and a beautiful garden.

Beachside Studio

In case you want a more sophisticated space, the Beachside Studio situated in Christchurch is just the place for you. This is a contemporary studio house fitted with all the modern units you need for a cool experience. For starters, the studio house is built mostly in glass. For that spa feeling, there is a sauna. You can also keep fit or just relax in the indoor pool or head out to the Waimari beach which is a walk away. After a long day of adventure, you can just take a quick shower outdoors or join the hosts in golfing. There are also bikes for outdoor activities.